I’ve had the performer’s itch ever since I can remember.  It started with me wanting to play the violin when I was about six. I grew up watching classical concert specials on PBS with my grandma. The violin in particular looked and sounded so cool to me that I just had to try it out. I was so adamant on playing that my mom purchased a violin. I took lessons, and I excelled, but, I didn't pursue the art. However, my musical journey wasn’t over. I always sang along constantly to Disney tunes and radio hits.  When the third grade talent show came along, I knew that I wanted to sing in it.  I chose to sing Hero by Mariah Carey because I loved what the song stood for which which was about finding strength within, and learning to love yourself.  Finding a meaning behind lyrics and text is something that has been important to me even at a young age. A karaoke tape, a microphone, and a successful audition later, I sang in front of my entire school.  That experience became a turning point for me. It was the moment that I realized that I wanted to always be on stage.  

Over the years I have performed in choirs, plays and musicals, been in front of the camera, and behind the mic. I love it all.  I continue to improve, explore, and develop new skills through voice lessons, acting and dance classes, and voice over coaching.  I also learn by watching great performers do their thing.  Inspiration drives me, and then I make it my own.