Releases & New Projects

The second audiobook in the Bohemian Murder Manor Mystery Series is available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon! It’s called, Make-Believes & Lost Memories. Click the link for more info:

My current project is an audiobook from a previous best-selling children’s series! This is the first time they are putting the books to audio, and I feel honored to be the narrator. All is going well so far, and I can’t wait until its release. More updates to come!


So, I am in the middle of recording an audiobook. I am living and breathing the whole book right now. It's a cozy murder mystery series, and I get to develop several different characters which is so fun, and challenging. Love it! I am narrating both books in the series. When they are all done, they will be available on Amazon!

Encore II

A few months ago, I was asked to be a part of Harper College Theatre's 50th Celebration. Thankfully, there was no prior obligation set on my calendar for that night, so, of course, I said yes. The performance was last Saturday night, and it was fantastic. I got to reunite with fellow actors that I shared the stage with over the past 10 years in three different shows, some of who I have not seen in a long time. I performed as Anne in Now/Later/Soon/Trio from A Little Night Music, as well as Hope in Follow Your Heart from Urinetown, both roles that I have played there. Reliving those songs and scenes on stage was pure joy, and such a unique experience. It was a full house, and the audience was most appreciative. Harper is a really special place to me. They have welcomed me into their theatre world, and I couldn't be more grateful and honored to be a part of the magic that they create.

New Beginnings 2018

Well, the run of It's a Wonderful Life is over. I covered the role of Lana to great success. I had so much fun. The whole experience of understudying and getting to perform as an understudy challenged me, and pushed me to achieve another level of confidence and skills that I will continue to develop for forever. Endings are bittersweet, and while I miss my IAWL Oil Lamp family, I am looking forward to what 2018 will have in store for me. BTW, did you notice my Dear Evan Hansen reference? Hehe

It's a Wonderful Life Performance!

I am so excited that I actually get perform in It's a Wonderful Life-A Live Radio Play! My performance will be on Saturday, December 16th at 3pm, and I will be going on as Lana Sherwood. I will be voicing 15 different characters which is going to be a hoot. The show opens this week, and I know the cast is going to be great. Last week, I got to fill in as the sound effects/stage manager for two performance run-throughs since I also understudy that part. Super challenging and fun. I figured out that I can make baby voices and creaky door sounds really well. Everyone thought they sounded so real, they didn't realize I made them vocally. Made my day, and goal accomplished.

It's a Wonderful Life

So, I've been cast as the female understudy in It's a Wonderful Life: A Life Radio Play (Joe Landry) at Oil Lamp Theater! First time being an understudy, and despite how intense that can be, I am pretty excited to do this. I've done this particular show before, down to the exact version cause there are a few variations. This one is a play within a play. I was Sally Applewhite who provided the voices of Mary Hatch/Young Mary. Now, I get the chance to rehearse ALL the female parts (and be ready to fill in on any moments notice). I read through the script, and I am already thinking of how to approach each with a distinct voice. I love voice work! Also, my first time working with Oil Lamp. They are such a beautiful looking intimate theatre. Their lobby has a sort of loungy kind of vibe with antiques, comfy sofa chairs, and a cute bar area. If you consider The Man Who Came to Dinner as a holiday show (which I kind of do), then this would be the third one that I am working on. There's something special about doing a holiday show.  And, It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies of all time, and probably many others too.

It's the Little Things

So, I saw Dear Evan Hansen in NYC the other day. AMAZING. Wish I could've seen more shows, but I only had time for one. Anyway, since I was in NYC I thought I'd stop by the LaDuca store and try on some shoes. So glad that I did! I bought a pair that fit my feet perfectly, and are super cute. I was in need of a fresh new pair of character shoes, and I figured these are worth the investment. Sometimes, it's the little things that get me excited. I am definitely putting these to use!

Dance My Heart Out

Tonight is the last dance class (for this session) with Cam Turner at The School at Porchlight. Sad times because I could probably continue this class forever. Even though there is always more practice to be done, as a mover, I feel more confident about musical theatre dance calls. And just more comfortable with the way I move and express with my body. Cam has done an awesome job of really challenging us, but, at the same time letting us explore ourselves at ease. He is doing a "part two" of this class in September, and no conflicts permitting, I am so there!!! Alright, I have to go brush up on my time steps now...


Today I finished a theatre workshop with Adam Belcuore. It was a two day intensive about the process of theatre auditioning. It was such a useful class! I feel like there is so much valuable information to work with, and many great points to think about. Got to meet some cool actors too.