It's a Wonderful Life

So, I've been cast as the female understudy in It's a Wonderful Life: A Life Radio Play (Joe Landry) at Oil Lamp Theater! First time being an understudy, and despite how intense that can be, I am pretty excited to do this. I've done this particular show before, down to the exact version cause there are a few variations. This one is a play within a play. I was Sally Applewhite who provided the voices of Mary Hatch/Young Mary. Now, I get the chance to rehearse ALL the female parts (and be ready to fill in on any moments notice). I read through the script, and I am already thinking of how to approach each with a distinct voice. I love voice work! Also, my first time working with Oil Lamp. They are such a beautiful looking intimate theatre. Their lobby has a sort of loungy kind of vibe with antiques, comfy sofa chairs, and a cute bar area. If you consider The Man Who Came to Dinner as a holiday show (which I kind of do), then this would be the third one that I am working on. There's something special about doing a holiday show.  And, It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies of all time, and probably many others too.